Sunday, June 3, 2007

Scenes from our Garden

Tiny Dancer has her First Recital

Katelyn really shined during her first dance recital on June 2nd. The program, called Circus on Parade, featured many animal themed numbers, including Kate's class's "Who Let the Dogs Out." (It's funny how a song you never wanted to hear again becomes adorable when accompanied by the tapping of your favorite kindergartner in shiny shoes.)
Her ballet routine was to a song about ice cream and Kate was delicious in her fluttery, sequined costume. She also danced in the circus finale, where Katelyn's proud singing could be heard among all the other dancers. All the practices and classes were great fun for Katelyn, but I think her favorite part was walking back from the performance, glittery with eye shadow, rouge and lipstick, to a waiting Daddy with a big bouquet of flowers for his little princess.