Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Candles for Lily

There has been lots of celebrating around here for Lily's birthday! It began with breakfast in bed, our tradition. However, Lily had left her balloon filled bedroom during the night in favor for the soft pile of pillows next to our bed. When the kids and I gathered all the balloons from her room and entered with her tray, she was not in the mood. (That is soooo Griffith.) After she woke up a little, she enjoyed her sprinkle-topped oatmeal with us at the breakfast table before Jack and Kate went off to school.

Later we had birthday dinner next to the pond, opened presents by the fire and then came in for mud pie. She loved receiving brand new Playdough!

That weekend we were joined by Nana, Pop and Nick Griffith and we celebrated with a big princess party. (There were plenty of princes and other members of the kingdom as well.) Kate and Barb helped Julie prepare and assemble the cupcake castle and everyone had fun making fun foam decorations for their room. (It might have been a little more fun if it wasn't raining and we could play outside, but we made the best of it!) We enjoyed simple barbecue food and were glad for the chance to catch up with neighbors and friends. What fun!

Tennis Anyone?

Kate has been taking lessons with a few friends this summer and having a ton of fun!

Cub Scout Campout

Jacked pitched and slept in his own tent during his first Cub Scout campout. The whole family joined in the fun as well, (brought the camper) and took part in some really fun activities. Now that Jack is a Webelo, he shares more responsibility in his pack. We helped sponsor an activity (homemade ice cream) and helped make breakfast for our group of 50. We also flew kits, made pet rocks, acted out skits next to the campfire and participated in a flag retiring ceremony.

Ice cream was one of the favorite activities. It kept us cool while we were making it and eating it! We used a combination of spoons and straws to taste the treat, after rolling around our double-bagged recipe inside a can with ice and salt.

Two other boy favorites were the egg toss and learning to launch little weed rockets. (Thanks Mrs. Anderson--sometimes it's the littlest memories that kiddos treasure!) To see the activities in a little more detail, click the photos or go here to see more Campout Photos.

New Look in Lily's Room

Look who's big enough for a big girl bed! I guess it's time to say goodbye to the Beatrix Potter decorations and try something new. New colors and flowered decorations are appearing on Lily's walls and she's pretty excited about it. She has always liked being in her room and she loves snuggling into her bed at bedtime.
Her quilt was a hand-made gift from my Aunt Glad and it's just as cozy now as it was in her crib. I made a couple of the flowered decorations for her wall with my scrapbooking supplies and the elegant wall sconces were a gift from our friend Tom that have finally made their way to the perfect spot in our home.
We packed away the changing pad that was on her dresser. We hadn't used it for a couple of years now, of course, and Lily has been officially out of diapers for about a month. I guess that's one of the little unneeded baby items you leave laying around because you're just not ready for your baby to grow up! But growing up she is. Check out the cute shot of her doing finger paints in our tub . . . (freezer paper clipped to an acrylic cutting board is a great canvas. After the fun, we just run water and wash away the mess.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

NonStop Action-Packed Family Fun Weekend

The weekend began with Friday night Bunco for the moms, while John and the kids had family movie night with the Balbonas. It ended on Sunday with a picnic celebration for our neighbor, (and Katelyn's piano teacher) Nancy's birthday. In the middle was one of the best get-togethers of the summer: Quail Creek's neighborhood picnic.

With just the perfect mix of fluffy, passing clouds and Parker's signature breeze, we almost didn't need the keep-cool activities, but they were a ton of fun. In addition to a band and a visit from the fire department, we kept busy with a water slide, water ballon games and a wacky frozen t-shirt contest. What's that? You havent' heard of that game? Well, the photos below should fill you in . . . .

If you'd like to go see the photos in more detail, click here.