Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Ordinary Morning

Yesterday was a great morning. A day filled with promise. It was sure to be filled with blessings, just like every day. On this morning, I was struck to just pick up my camera and capture a moment in the blur of a life with kiddos that are growing up so quick.

Jack had gotten up early to finish a writing assignment. Getting the ideas onto paper is not easy for him, but it's so fun to read his thoughts! He was not happy that I had laid out a button up shirt for him to wear (but doesn't he look SO handsome!) PS- the writing piece is called "How to Annoy Your Sister in Five Easy Steps."

Katelyn loves to break up the monotony of bought lunches and make her own sometimes. She decided to ask Jack if he wanted her to make him one too. He agreed, and offered to make their breakfast waffles. (Moments later the love fest was interrupted by a squabble. Sibling harmony is expected, but sibling rivalry is understood.)

Here's our cute girl in a funny hat. You never know what she will appear wearing (although some of the time it's nothing.) Every morning, Lily asks, "Mom, do I have school today?" On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the answer is, "Yes!"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to the Griffith Spa

Guests of Katelyn's first sleepover were treated to three of Kate's favorite "spa" treatments: a mud mask facial, foot soak and toe and finger nail polish. They also dined at our Spa Cafe, had a huge pillow fight, ice cream cake, made paper fashion outfits and wrote in their own personalized "All About Me" journal books. Kate and I hand made these spiral bound books with some of Katelyn's favorite personality quizzes and silly fill-in stories.

In the morning we had a big blueberry pancake breakfast (another Kate fave) and even fit in another mud mask. It was fun to celebrate with an event that was all about Kate and things she loves. To see more birthday pics, visit our online photo gallery!