Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wine Tasting/Bottling in Fort Collins

We were invited by our friends, Jeff and Deanna Hager, to attend a wine tasting as well as help with the bottling of their custom batch of wine at Vintages in Fort Collins. In the photos you can see Julie corking a bottle of wine and John melting the seal onto the top of the bottle. Vintages has a variety of whites and reds that you can taste and then order your own custom batch to be made. You may have it aged in their oak casks and then when it is ready, you bottle your batch.
It was also an enjoyable visit to the city of John's college alma mater, Colorado State University (CSU). Jeff is also an alum, so they enjoyed reminiscing about their favorite watering holes. We were also joined by our friends Manny and Margaret Balbona, and we all enjoyed lunch at Enzio's italian restaurant and browsing the shops.
It was fun to take John's convertible for a spin, and we look forward to visiting again in a few weeks, when our own batch of wine is ready to bottle!

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