Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poetry Tea and Collecting Art

A fun near-end of school activity was a Poetry Tea that the third graders hosted. We got to hear them read some of their favorite poems from the year, as well as a neat poem about fireflies that was read by the entire class in two voices. They learned about different poetry styles and wrote some very interesting pieces.

Everyone agreed that Jack's poem, Pranks, was very appropriate for him. His other favorite selection, which he read is Green. Here they are in text and below and I'm hoping to upload video excerpt. I love hearing the kids written ideas and I'm so excited to be able to share them with you electronically. (Don't you love the Internet?)

People like pranks.
Really funny to do.
Any time I'll play pranks.
No one catches me.
Kate my little sister yells at me when I do them.
Sometimes hanging dolls from the neck.
Trouble around my house is pranks.
Everybody gets fooled.
Rely on me for pranks.

Green is like rock.
Green is very colorful.
Green is wet.
Green is my sister's favorite color.
Green is shiny.
Green is slippery.
Green smells weird.
Green tastes bad.
Green sounds like splashing.
Green feels smooth.
Green makes me happy.
Green is wonderful.

We've also been receiving lots of this year's artwork, which has been hanging on display at school. I'm adding a slideshow of kids' art in the column at left or you can see it by clicking here.

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