Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Candles for Lily

There has been lots of celebrating around here for Lily's birthday! It began with breakfast in bed, our tradition. However, Lily had left her balloon filled bedroom during the night in favor for the soft pile of pillows next to our bed. When the kids and I gathered all the balloons from her room and entered with her tray, she was not in the mood. (That is soooo Griffith.) After she woke up a little, she enjoyed her sprinkle-topped oatmeal with us at the breakfast table before Jack and Kate went off to school.

Later we had birthday dinner next to the pond, opened presents by the fire and then came in for mud pie. She loved receiving brand new Playdough!

That weekend we were joined by Nana, Pop and Nick Griffith and we celebrated with a big princess party. (There were plenty of princes and other members of the kingdom as well.) Kate and Barb helped Julie prepare and assemble the cupcake castle and everyone had fun making fun foam decorations for their room. (It might have been a little more fun if it wasn't raining and we could play outside, but we made the best of it!) We enjoyed simple barbecue food and were glad for the chance to catch up with neighbors and friends. What fun!

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