Sunday, February 22, 2009

Double Digits

We celebrated Jack's Big One Oh with (of course) breakfast in bed, featuring chocolate chip pancakes and hot cocoa. There were also a few balloons scattered around on his floor and his bed. He had a funny story to tell us about those balloons in the morning. He said that the balloons were VERY attracted to the new fleece blanket he was using and he woke during the night to find balloons attacking him.

We opened presents before John headed for the airport to visit Busha, who is recovering from a stroke. She will celebrate her 91st birthday next month!

That evening three friends joined us for a rockin' birthday sleepover. We made Family Fun's Lava Lamps (recipe here) which contain oil and colored water and do a cool science effect when you sprinkle salt on top. We had a Boston Creme Cake, similar to the favorite donuts Poppy brings us when we are in NY and had pizza. No sleepover would be complete until you've stayed up very late. In fact, I think around here, we are changing the name to playover or some other name that does not contain the word sleep. Anyway, it was a ton of fun to celebrate Jack coming into double digits. He's such a big kid and a great kid too.

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