Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Projects

Jack and Kate both had craft projects to make using recyclables, so we had fun getting out the craft stuff and creating! Here's an interview with Kate about her project:

Jack's creation will be a part of his Cub Scout Pack's booth at the Scout Show this weekend, entitled "Heroes on the Hudson". Kids that visit the booth will be able to make an airplane and fly it through the booth, with the goal being to land it on the "river". Cereal box buildings and skyscrapers will line the riverbank. (We watched this video to better understand what a feat the real-life landing was!) Since Jack has been known to sit with John and watch CNBC, the first NY building he could think of was the New York Stock Exchange. What a happy accident . . . .Mom just so happens to have a bunch of toilet paper rolls to use for the columns!

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